Cura 21.08 does not open on Mac M2

Cura 21.08 that runs all the older printers does not load on the new Macs M2. The issue is regarding the version of Python in the Info.plist which may need to be edited. Anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance.

Cura 21.08 “came with” the older printers. Newer versions of CuraLE may very well support the “older” printer but that can’t be verified unless we know the specifics.

Looking for a work-around, Is there a way to take just the printer setup File or printer ‘Instance’ of a TAZ 4 from Cura 21.08 and put that file in the new cura 3.6.37 software?

It is certainly possible to create a “custom” printer in CuraLE 3.6.37 that has the same settings as a TAZ 4. These settings can be copied from Cura 21.08. It will be a manual process but should only have to be done once.

I have the same issue. Unfortunately, there is no way to copy settings as the program will not open at all due to the Python issue. A work around to edit the plist info would be most welcome. Thank you!

Cura 21.08 (on Windows) has tons of .ini files which are text files. I assume it is the same on a Mac.

What specific settings are you trying to copy?

I have Cura 21.08 installed on my Windows 10 system and it still opens but I’m not familiar with “plist info”.