Filament recommendation?

I’m printing out some prototype game pieces - figurines that are to be stacked/piled up on one another. Problem I’m having is PLA is so hard and smooth that they slide right off each other. Miniatures/figurines that come with board game nowadays are somewhat flexible, and have a slight rubbery-ness to them (in that they are not rock hard plastic like PLA is).

What would be a good filament thats relatively easy to print with, but would… I’m having a hard time thinking of the word I’d use to describe it’s feel. I guess the best I can come up with is something thats not rock hard and ultra smooth. The game involves strategic stacking of oddly shaped figures in a small base, and trying to keep them from toppling over. Using ABS and PLA the figures have very little friction against one another and instead of stacking, they merely slide off of each other. If the plastic were softer and had more friction to them they would slide less and ‘stick’ together more.

Without having some place with some samples retail, guessing at the material I should try is an expensive proposition.

You might try semi-flex filament. It will likely be more expensive than ABS/PLA, but if you need a little give it might work for you.

Here is a link to some semi-flex by Colorfabb available in black or grey:

There is also Maker Geeks semi-flex available in many colors: