Software for dissolvable supports

Hello All

I plan to buy a TAZ 4 very soon (as my third printer, I own a Replicator 2 and a Printrbot Metal) almost primarily because of the dual extruder feature and hopefully an ability to print dissolvable supports.

The one thing im concerned about though, is how does one actually configure this? I’ve had enough experience with open source software to make me hesitant to drop a large sum of money on something which doesnt always work as intended and I have no experience whatsoever in how it handles dual extruders in 2 different materials. I have used repetier host/slic3r for now and I dont seem to be able to see how i can configure it for 2 different materials (is this what people use on their TAZ 4’s?"

Does anyone here have any experience with dissolvable supports on an open-source software printer, and do you believe the TAZ 4 will be able to handle this well when the dual extruder is released? Do you think available software to generate the code is good enough to work?

in slic3r print settings -> multiple extruders -> support material extruder. Just change the value to the extruder you want, and that should be it.

How does that account for ooze/travelling once one extruder starts and the other continues? I like how the rep 2x does it with that ‘barrier’ it builds up around each part to purge filament every layer, that seems like it would work well. Ive never seen how reptetier/slic3r deals with this.