Support Extruder not working - Taz Pro & Cura

I have a Taz Pro, and am attempting to use Cura to print using both PLA from extruder 1 and PolyDissolve Support from extruder 2.

Everything looks right in Cura, but when I go to print the Taz Pro only prints with extruder 1. I looked on the forums and others have had similar problems but no solutions are posted.

Any insight appreciated. Links to tutorials also appreciated. I did read what I could find but those are minimal.



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Are you using a multi-part (support separate from structure) model? If so, after importing both parts, ensure you assign the support to the second extruder before you merge them.

If you are using Cura to generate supports, make sure you select the second extruder. If you’re using PolyDi$$olve for support, you’ll only want to save that expensive material and only use it for the interface layer. Also with dissolve - no Z distance, because it’s dissolving, of course.

You have options in Cura that I don’t see (and I’m new to 3D printing, so forgive my ignorance when I answer simply).

I’m letting Cura generate the supports.

Here’s what I have in the right-hand pane:

You can see that it says that the Support Extruder should be “Hot End 2” which (I thought) was Extruder 2.
I don’t have any other options when selecting Extruder 2, but that screenshot is also attached.

Thanks for your help.

Something that may be useful is our OHAI page on dual printing.
This will go over a few different settings and how to enable certain dual printing features.