LulzBot TAZ Pro without supports?


Now that I know more about 3D printing, I am wondering how the above was able to print without support.

It’s not … this is just a photo to show what is possible using the printer … not to suggest that this is how the part actually looks at the end of the job on the build plate.

One of the possibilities created with a dual-extruder printer is to use dissolvable filament in the 2nd extruder. This allows things not normally possible in single-extruder machines. For example … parts where you need support in an internal cavity (where you wouldn’t be able to break out the support at the end of the job) can be removed by putting the part in a bucket of warm water to dissolve the support filament.

Also, support filament does not require a z-offset. You can set that to zero (I recommend printing the majority of the support with non-dissolvable filament and then using dissolvable filament only for the “support interface” layers.)

Support filament is a bit tricky to work with. It absorbs moisture (so it needs to be dried) easily. It loves to string. It is fairly soft so excessive retractions will result in jams. But once you learn how it behaves and set the print jobs to deal with it, it works well in areas where normal support would be difficult.