[SOLVED]Question plug

I recently bought my first 3D printer the Lulzbot TAZ 5,
when assembling i found a loose part from a plug in the protection foam, its was broken

on further infestation i saw the broken part wasn’t even wired with a cable.
my question is, can use the plugs without any problems?


I have not yet got to see one of those new extruder connectors to help you. But I would look in the connector that plugs into the pictured connector and see if there is a pin missing in it.

So does the plug pictured have any wiring attached? Stupid question but you said loose plug.

On the back of the plug, the broken pin and the not broken one; both are not wired.


I think those pins are there, so it only fit one way
correct me if im wrong


You should have two male pins extending out of the printer side connector for keying the connection. I am not sure if those pins are used for the single extruder tool head…

Just go a email from the helpdesk:

Fortunately those are just guide pins to make sure that you don’t plug the connector in backwards. they have no function with current. Please just plug the connector back in and the printer will work properly.

They are just for a measure of safety

thanks alot David