Tool head harness broke

Hey all,

I’ve had my Taz 5 for a few months.

I removed the tool head to install my dial bracket (I recently moved it and wanted to check the bed). Upon re-installation, one of the 2 pins on the printer side of the harness pulled out/snapped off. :open_mouth:

I always have my kid gloves on when handling my printer so I’m a little disappointed that this connector is so flimsy/finicky (especially considering everything else about the Taz 5 is so rugged/overbuilt)

Has this happened to anyone else?

What is the easiest way to fix this? Replace the harness? Replace the pin?

You are under warranty, call support, they will get you all fixed up. The pins can be ordered and crimp installed if you prefer to do it yourself. Digikey has them, and the part numbers are in the taz bill of materials (BM) in

A broken pin is rare but not unheard of. I in particular suck at installing my own crimp pins and have broken more than a few of my own.

If you decide to try replacing the pin yourself, I would really recommend you ‘practice’ on a piece of same diameter wire. You do not want to attempt it on a needed wire and have to keep trimming the wire until you succeed crimping it. Then figure out your wire is now too short to work anymore. I had to watch a person I was training last month do this to a replacement blower fan for a Hexagon extruder head he was trying to rebuild.

Emailed support today and received some good news.

The pin is just a guide pin (serves no function). No need for repair.

Back to printing :slight_smile:

Which pin is that? I just broke one and would like to get a job going.

Never mind.

Sorry, I just looked at the part for .25 seconds. Obviously the pins that do not have wires attached would not be connected to anything and are therefore guide pins. Duh.

FYI, both pins on the wiring connected to the printer are guide pins.