Which printing error is this?

I’m not sure how to look/search for this error.
Please, may you point the error type/name according with the picture below.
This part was print in fast mode (0.3mm layer) with 100% fill in ABS, using a lulzbot taz 6 and Simplify3D.
Lao Hu

I just found out the the term used is “Layer Shifting or Misalignment”.
This is the first time this happen. Any idea for the TAZ 6?

The most common reason for a layer shift like that can be due to a loose belt. Depending upon how the model was set up on the bed will help determine which belt might need to be tightened. If it was front to back, that would be your y-axis belt, if it was left to right, that would be your x-axis belt.

Hi Ehoff,
Thanks for your feedback.
I just finished printing another model. This time, more frustrating :frowning: [you will see the picture]. Attached some picture.
According with the model setup, its seems the x-axis belt need to be adjusted. That’s correct?
Recently, I place 2 camera holder as show in the picture. Do you think is related?

It looks like the shift is along the x-axis, so definitely check to see if that belt is tight. It should make a slight twang sound if you pluck it like a guitar string. It’s hard to tell if the camera mount is affecting the layer shift. If you move the full range of motion on the x-axis, does the belt or toolhead get caught on anything?

Ehoff, thanks for your feedback.
To Answer to your question, there is full range in x-axis without issue.
I was expecting this problem could be cause due to PC/FW/SW. it’s seem really random the situation, keeping the rest of the object perfect.
Yesterday, I increase the belt tention (without instrumentation) and also start using the SD memory.
I print two parts without issue.
No sure if the situation will appear or is fixed with the belt tension or SD memory. I think I will implement one of the tension system shared in the forum, it’s seem very convenient.

I would think that printing from the SD fixed the issue. Streaming gcode from a computer is highly dependent on the OS and background processes. Make sure the machine PC is not:

  • Running any other major applications.
  • Minimize background processes.
  • Does not sleep, hibernate or screensavers.

Try Octoprint on a RPi.

One other thing to check about the belt, make sure the connections to the X-carriage have not become loose over time. If you want to be certain, add lock washers to each of the screws.

Thanks for your suggestions and comments!