stock taz 5 issue

hi all i have been using taz 5 for 1 month now (though a bit depressed that taz 6 is releasing in 2 weeks)
i have recently starting to have issue with my print’s first 2mm base layer tends to shift.
it occurs on any object i tride to print no matter big or small, round or square, tall or short.
I have check the bed level, check the head, tried to apply brim or raft, and as well as lower the printing speed to 30mm/s
I use PLA most of the time, but this happens on all types of material i use.
Please assist me on this issue.

Thank you

Check to make sure that both set screws are tight on the drive motor toothed gears. Also that you do not have any play on the motor shafts.


Does the part shift on the bed (poor adhesion) or does the print head position get out of alignment? The results can look the same but the “fix” is usually very different.

the parts does not shift on the bed, but if watch closely you would notice the layer printing shifts as it progress