SOLVED Taz 6 bed not heating

Ok, so I’m having an issue with my Taz 6. My bed stopped heating out of the blue one day. I switched to my spare bed and still not working. I got in touch with support and they had me check the resistance on both the bed heater and bed thermistor. No problems either at the bed or anywhere along the wires to the RAMBo. They had me change all of the fuses and still no luck.

They told me the problem is most likely in the RAMBo. Since my TAZ is out of warranty I decided to buy a new RAMBo since it would’ve cost as much just to ship it to Lulzbot for repairs. I’m still having the same problem. Everything else works fine and I double checked that I installed it correctly and double checked the heater and thermistor and everything seems fine.

Could it be my power supply? That’s the only thing I haven’t checked, but I have no idea how to.

The 24 volt rail/source is common to all three 24 volts supplied to the printer. So if the supply did not work on one it would not work for all. More likely a wire from the supply to the connector of the terminal block connector on the control board.

Yep, it was a loose wire from the power supply. The screw on the plug at the RAMBo was not tightened down all the way.