Source files for pro dual extruder toolhead

So I’ve been trying to figure out what it would take to make my own pro dual extruder toolhead and get it to work on a taz 6 with an archim2 board. I’ve tried locating the source files for the pro dual extruder toolhead, but I can’t find them in Index of /TAZ/accessories/tool_heads (, and I can find reference to some of the parts in Index of /TAZ/TAZ_Pro/v1.0.7/production_parts/assemblies (, but I can’t find a model of the full assembly which would be really helpful. Does anyone know if this exists somewhere?

The only other site that could be of help would be Index of /retail_parts/Pro_Dual_Extruder_KT-CP0145

thanks for the link.

You can also find all current versions of Lulzbot’s products on Gitlab. Here is a link to the that will have the Fcad file for the assembly.

Unfortunately the Pro Dual isn’t in the toolhead section, and it appears the printed parts are with the rest of the Taz Pro printed parts section. You’ll have to look at the parts inside and collect them, unless somebody has already done so.

There is a assembly done in Fcad that is in the production - assemblies - sub_assemblies folder.