Lulzbot Taz 6 CAD assembly created

I have a Lulzbot Taz 4/5 that I’m upgrading to a Taz 6. I love the open source nature of Lulzbot, allowing us to download the parts and make changes. I could not find a full assembly of a Taz 6, so we (Daniel and Helton at Engineerable) created one in OnShape, and have publicly shared it. Onshape is not open source, but it does cater to open sharing because anyone can sign up for an Onshape account for free, copy the Taz 6 assembly, and make changes to it. I thought this would be more useful than a .step file dump of the assembly. This assembly is completely stock with no modifications.

Right now the assembly only includes the major parts. The details like screws, belts, and electrical parts have not yet been added. There’s no extruder yet either. The electronics enclosure only has the mechanical parts. We are adding more detail as time permits. This is a good starting point for anyone who wants to make changes to the design, or as a reference when upgrading.

If you would like to contribute to the stock design, adding more parts and details, please let us know, and we can share the model with you. If you would like to make modifications to the stock design, copy it and start your own model.

Thank you, Daniel

Hey, This cad model you have created is wonderful. I am new here, so, excuse me if this has been discussed before. But, why are we reinventing the wheel? I am sure Lulzbot has a cad model of the Taz 6 and if they are putting up hardware assembly instructions, bill of materials etc. Under their open hardware initiative, Lulzbot can put up the Cad model as well, right?

I wish Lulzbot shared an assembly! I scoured their files and did not find an assembly that is published by Lulzbot. The individual CAD files are published in the FreeCAD format, and there are no assembly files provided. FreeCAD is good for an open source software, but it is not user friendly without extensive CAD experience.

All the parts were exported from FreeCAD into universal .step files, which can then be imported into any CAD software. The CAD software I regularly use is Creo and Solidworks, but they are expensive! I chose OnShape for this assembly, because it’s free to use for public files, accessible to anyone with internet, and relatively user friendly.

Thanks, Daniel for the reply. Since you mentioned freecad, I am guessing the reason for not sharing the assembly file is because they haven’t made one. Freecad’s assembly module, AFAIK is under development. So, if lulzbot is using freecad as their design software, then they couldn’t have made an assembly in it.

hey Daniel, im going to be designing up a enclosure for my Taz6 using a simple 3d printed parts design that anyone with a taz 6 can print. would it be possible to grab the model from you, i use autodesk inventor. I will share the print files of the enclosure once its done

Thanks for doing this. I am starting on a dual head design and this will be helpful. You didn’t do this in SW to begin with did you? If so, I would love to have a copy of that.

Thanks Again.

Any use ?

You all do know about this site right?

thanks for sharing!