Source for different size nozzles for the hexagon hotend?

All, I was hoping to do some large scale printing and thus step up to a .5mm nozzle for my hexagon hotend but they do not seem to sell any on LulzBot. any info for where they are sourced or what size?

These ones “might” fit

The lulzbot hotend version has a longer heater block than the base reprap one. I don’t know if that means the nozzles are different too. I don’t have one yet.

Hmm, thanks for the lead, I also just now found it in the list of materials. I have a whole new hexagon hotend on order as well as a couple nozzles (tho they do not sell the .35 nozzle all the slic3r profiles are made for). I managed to bust my nozzle off it’s threads trying to take it out and see what size it was, and so am unsure if I can ever get the threaded part out of the heater block. Going to hope Lulzbot gets some in stock and I manage to get the threaded part out as well.

I’ve purchased replacement nozzle from makerfarm. Two of the .4 clogged from brass shavings… It wasn’t right away so I suspect the heating and cooling may have split some of the brass off. Removed the nozzle, soaked in acetone, then used a dental pick and wire to clear the nozzle opening… They’ve been fine ever since.

No issues with the .5 nozzles…

Are there sources for nozzles smaller than .3, or blanks?

Just an update, I recieved a hex hotend and a .3 and .5 tip today from reprapdiscount, very fast service considering they are in Hong Kong. Added the .5 tip and it fit great but within a few min I had a terrible jam i could not seem to explain. Coming back here it is pretty clear it is an issue with a brass filing because i can make the jam go away for a bit but the second I push a few cm of plastic in it rejams. going to give it the acetone treatment now and see how it goes. To be clear, much to my dismay it is true that the lulzbot hex hotend is a special version with a custom long block and slot for the thermisitor. Makes em tough to replace.