Source for 0.35 mm nozzle Taz 5

Anyone know where I can buy a 0.35mm nozzle tip? From reading other threads the Taz 5 has a longer nozzle that goes deeper into the hot end so not any Hexagon nozzle will work. I contacted Lulzbot and they told me that they can sell me a new 0.5mm hotend assembly, but not just a nozzle. I would like the a 0.35mm for detail prints. Anywhere I can buy just blank nozzles and machine them out?

huh? Haven’t ever heard of any of this longer nozzle noise… but I buy Micro Swiss plated nozzles from amazon, this assortment pack I’ve found to be a great value including a .3mm, .4mm, .5mm, .6mm, .8mm, and 1.2mm nozzle for $60 prime shipping or you can get them individually for $15 each

They work really great, haven’t tried the 1.2mm yet but it’s a great set they last much longer than stock.

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for.
I’ll try to find the thread in my history. It didn’t make sense to me either.

Here it is. I might read it wrong.

You can use any standard e3dv6 nozzle safely with the taz hexagon and vice versa. The hexagon relies on the nozzle tightened to the heater block and will accept either style. You just need the threads long enough to fit into the block. Be aware that snapping the heat break will void your extruder warranty so care is required. Use a crescent wrench to hold the heat break when removing the nozzle. For a taz 6 or a mini avoid any nonconductive nozzles like the Olsen ruby.