Mini Hexagon Nozzles

Will the standard Hexagon nozzles from Reprap Discount fit the hot end on the Mini?

They should, but it is untested. RRD are also going to start selling the LulzBot Hex version too, I believe. Our version is better/faster than the original. Note, the hot ends used on the Mini are manufactured by RRD. Where possible, we try to support other RepRap companies and buy components from them. We do the same for Ultimachine/RAMBos, for example.



I am considering a mini order today but I will be using it to print impression stamps that have 0.25 inch font. I am not sure if the larger nozzle will print the font cleanly… The 0.4 mm E3D nozzle does a good job with the text on my Taz but I wanted to have an option on the mini if the 0.5 was a little large.

Are there any US distributors of Hexagon nozzles? It would cost $35 to purchase a nozzle from RRD…

We’ll have them in the store too, no ETA.

Well, the printer is ordered. I hope the .5 mm nozzle is small enough. Hopefully we will test it out tomorrow.

I ordered through Amazon. Does it still ship directly from Lulzbot?

If ordered through Amazon it will ship from the Amazon distribution warehouse.

Thanks. It is supposed to be here tomorrow but they still haven’t produced any shipping information or tracking number… :confused: