Spare parts filament

Would it work well to print spare parts for a Taz 6 using nGen filament? Or does it need to be ABS?

nGen should be fine for most parts. But I would recommend that you use the NGen for anything that won’t be under any torsion or high temps(Most of the printer don’t have any parts like that except maybe parts in the extruder itself). For Anything around/near or touching the nozzle or bed (The nozzle scrubber, fans nozzles on the extruder, the extruder’s main body, etc.) I would recommend ABS. NGen will hold up better than standard PLA but it’s not as heat resistant as ABS and the last thing you want is a replacement part that will bend or warp. Hopefully this helps, if I am wrong I hope someone will come along and let us both know. I’ve been printing for awhile and I’ve replaced several parts on my own printer (mostly trying to upgrade things and decrease heat creep) and I’ve used PLA for everything but the extruder housing and a fan nozzle (for cooling hexagon when I replaced the mini blower) with ABS and Alloy 910.

Hopfully this helps.