Squeaky X-Axis


My Taz 5 has developed a squeaky X-Axis. The rods look clean and any attempt to clean them fails to remove dirt. This is causing my prints to drift to the left as they are built up, It’s like the printer does not always move to the right enough.

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMORqwixr58

I am thinking I need some new bearings and these are the right ones


Opinions please.


Those are the right bearings, but they probably do not need to be replaced yet. Can you identify where the squeak is coming from by pushing on the various X axis parts? The bearing holders may just need to be moved closer together (If it is bearing related).

I emailed support and they correctly identified (from my video) that the screw holding the pulley to the x-axis motor’s drive shaft had come lose.

I fixed that and now I printing some test prints (the squeak) has gone.