Taz 5 x-axis squeaking/chirping near middle of axis

I have cleaned the x axis bars several times, the squeaking is only on the x axis and only occurs in a few spots along its travel, but consistently at those spots.

Shot in the dark, as I don’t have a Taz 5. Could the belt be rubbing near the pulley or motor?

I am in the same boat with my Taz 6, it’s around z-axis 140, except minds more “grinding” like.

No clue what it is either. I used to have this problem when I had a z-binding issue, however, it would do it almost the whole way, or at least most the time. But I have since fixed this. Yet right around that axis, and I want to say it’s the right it happens for a short period. All I can think is something is off with my threaded rod

After running for a few years, grinding noise and all, I noticed the prints getting worse and worse. The X pillow block was shot and had a lot of play. The wear is eccentric and diagonal, suggesting bad alignment from the start. I built a new X carrier and replaced the plastic bearing with metal linear bearings, making sure the (M4) thread inserts were perfectly aligned. Night and day.

I had several photos but it will only allow me to upload one…