X-Axis Problem

New Guy here…
I’ve had decent success with my Taz 2 since I received it. About 50 prints, some good, some not…Then a new issue popPed up. Prints are starting to “lean”, or slant to the left or right as they get taller. It “chirps” a bit while printing and it looks like there is a bit of play in the smooth rod bushings (the print head moves a bit while moving left to right or vice versa). But if it were just excessive play, I would think the results would be more random. These prints pick a direction and lean that way until complete (or I interrupt).

Here are the .stl and .gcode files - real simple parts for a project - solid rectangle pieces - as the picture shows, they look more like parallelograms…
rectangle_generic.stl (684 Bytes)
rectangle_generic.gcode (416 KB)

Any help would be great!!! Thanks!!!

Gradual shifting like that is usually the belt Pulley in that particular direction is loose on the NEMA motor shaft and is moving slightly over time. A larger immidiate shift indicates a loose belt

Thanks a bunch! Actually, I found the x-axis stepper pulley came slightly loose and shifted all the way into the body of the motor. That lends to binding of the belt and the far end, on the bearing/z-axis bracket. The belt was plenty tight, but as it would bind on the Z-axis bracket, it would occasionally jump time. The pulley took most of the damage (i hope). Everything seem to be working ok now…

Glad you found it. Those motors are pretty solid so if it seems to be running right and you don’t see any obvious damage you are probably good to go.