Stand ideas for Taz 5

We just purchased a TAZ 5 for work and now I’m trying to figure out where to put it. I had originally thought it was going in the shop which is down the road but our Engineering manager and president both want it in the office so now I need to get something to set it on.

Will a rolling toolbox be stable enough with the wheels locked or do I need to set up a stationary workbench?
If we put it in an office area with cubical walls will it be disruptively loud or smelly when running?
We are not sure what materials we will be using, planning on ABS at first, should we plan on needing to build an enclosure to get good parts?

If it is going to be in an office, which tend to be kept cool. I would recommend an enclosure for it to keep the ABS from delaminating.

I think a rolling tool chest should be solid enough (assuming the footprint is large enough.) I have seen somepretty crazy things that these printers can do. Give the cheapest option a try, and see how it affects the print!

A hollow toolchest may resonate and make the printer sound louder than it is. If it’s full it should be fine.

I was looking at something like this :

I could probably get a small Formica or granite counter top remnant to place on top which should help with keeping it quite. The specs say the machine is approx 27x21x21, does that include the max bed travel?

I am currently building an enclosure for my TAZ. The inside dimensions I am using are 24" wide, 26 1/2" deep and 21" tall. With these dimensions, I am cutting out a square hole for the control box face, and will have to mount the power supply, reel, filament guide and guide tube on the outside of the box. The box will just clear the movement of the build platform. The width just clears the frame with the hole cut for the front of the control box. The height clears the top of the frame by less than an inch.

For general clearance, I would say 27" depth x 36" - 40" wide x 28" tall would be reasonable.