Step-by-step instruction on building my own TAZ 6


Having 3 x 3-year-olds I can guarantee that there is no way I would be able to buy a TAZ6 but they look “friggin awesome” and I gotta get me one of those.

As they are open source I am more than happy to build one.

The thing is that there are tiny bits of information everywhere and I can’t find step-by-step instructions explaining what to do. I have found but without any explanations I have no idea where I am supposed to start.

I have a delta printer that I can use to print some parts but obviously step-by-step instructions are needed.

Does anybody know of such a resource? I am happy to put one together as I go but could do with a few pointers to get started.

I live in the UK so that would affect where I source the parts.

I work for a well known open source organization and my blog posts tend to get around 50,000 to 100,000 views so I really want to get things right for a series like this.

Looking forward to being part of your community.


I’m not sure if there is a better resource - but that’s the one I have seen.

Edit: Some of the sub assemblies are also here, or maybe elsewhere from the OHAI dashboard.

Hiya Mike, I have done lots of hunting for files and such to build some extra toolheads for my TAZ 6 in

The BOM is especially useful as it will give you exact suppliers and part numbers, along with AO’s actual costs if you are curious what you are in for.


You are right… the BOM is a great resource. I guess to start I need to find European sources for all of the parts. I can group them according to source and go from there.

Thanks, your advice is very useful.

I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble with most of it. I can only speak on the tool heads as that is the only things I’ve built myself, but I couldn’t really find any good alternatives for their Pelonis fans, and I think the washers that hold the bed down are custom milled parts too. You’ll be able to find the cad files for the washers but you’d have to find someone that can make them custom for you, might be a couple things worth just ordering from AO themselves or itworks3d. I’m sure with enough digging you could find fans with the same airflow profiles, but since the AO print profiles are so well tested I wanted the exact same ones on my alternative tool heads.

Too bad you didn’t post about this a week and half ago or so, my Mother-in Law just left last week to visit home in the UK, I could have given her a set of each of those to post to you locally.