Building a Taz 6: Suggestions?

I got really excited when I heard you could 3-D print a large portion of the parts of the Taz 6 printer. After seeing OHAI,
( though, I got a little discouraged. Although it had incredibly detailed instructions, I was unable to find where you could actually purchase the non-printed parts. Am I missing something, or is OHAI just for reference as to how they build it? If you’ve found anything more, please share.

You are looking for the BOM from the devel folder. Parent directory is here:

BOM is here:

Start here:

That should get you most of what you need.

Sweet! Thanks a lot!

You’re welcome!

Good luck with the build.

I built my own Taz 6 i got the enclosure for the electronics and lead screws from itworks, had the bed platform, frame corners, Y ends and the sides and back of the enclousre laser cut. Everything else i sourced from ebay, RS components, mouser and the Lulzbot store. All 3d printed parts i had done via 3d hubs.

Wiring was a fun part of the build. I have myself an extra 10-15mm of length on the wires from the diagrams.

The support team are incredibly helpful with any questions you may come up with.