Trying to Build my Own TAZ6 Assembly, Dont know where to start.

I am wanting to build my own TAZ6 assembly out of laser cut wood, aluminium extrusions and 3D printed parts but I have no idea where to start or even how to download files from the Index thing at . I found the OnShape files some kind folk posted on here so I suppose that’s a start.
Many thanks from a hapless noob,

A good place to start is the assembly documentation
And the files you are looking for to laser cut things are mainly in there in either freecad or solidworks formats. Some are also available as stl files, the beds in particular are available as dxf files. has some of what you need as well

You can also get taz 6 parts at

Beds and nema 17s I would get from Lulzbot:
Frame parts for 8020 from openbuilds:
Controller from ultimachine:

I had to remove a reference here due to a problem. I can’t recommend a vendor to which I’ve had an issue.