STL prints incomplete (missing parts)

Can someone explain to me why this part that I designed on 123D prints incomplete… Ive attached a couple of pictures. I don’t know how to attach the STL file.

Well need to see the St, to upload it, make a new post, go to the “attatchments” tab on the bottom, press the add file button, add the Stl, hit post, then wait for one of us to tell you it isn’t manifold. That basically means it isn’t all one solid piece

It wont let me upload *.stl files… Is that message board rule? Anyway, I think it might be that… but on 123D, I can drag and drop it as though it is one piece. Upon closer inspection, i do see a subtle line separating the pieces, but why did it not print anyway? Also, how do I make it “one” piece on 123D?

Anyway, here’s a link to the STL file…

The print isn’t all one piece. it thinks there are several pieces sitting very close together, but not actually joined. You’ll need to combine them as one solid before you can print it. There are pretty major structural issues there. 0.25mm gaps between the fillet and the main part, the two pocket sections aren’t attached right. You might want to re-extrude a solid flat base as a copy, then rebuild the structure above out of solid extrusions for best results for your first 3d priuntable model.

As Piercet said, there are problems with the model not being a single solid. That gives the slicer some challenges, and the best fix is to go back to the CAD model and correct those issues.

There are some other viable options, particularly useful when you don’t have the CAD design source, for fixing issues like this.

  • Cura has some options (Expert Options, Fix Horrible) that can sometimes overcome various model issues. However, I tried those on this model and was unable to find a combination that fixed it.

  • Simplify3D has an option called “Mesh, Separate Connected Surfaces” which appeared to successfully correct this model. The Gcode preview looked good to me after using that option.

  • There is also this free netfabb model repair service available:
    I ran the model through that, and it seemed to repair the problems. The repaired model (attached) looked fine to me in both Cura and Simplify3D previews.
    stlfile_fixed.stl (135 KB)

Awesome, thanks! I will try and print it. Im still a noob when it comes to design and printing. Still learning!