Missing Hole

I am very new to 3d printing, but have been using Sketchup for quite some time. I installed a plugin for exporting STL [https://github.com/SketchUp/sketchup-stl] from Sketchup and have been using this method to load models into Cura 14.09. However, models that have holes in them do not print correctly. They appear as they should both in Cura and in Sketchup, but don’t print as they appear. Is there something that I need to do differently in Sketchup? Here is an example STL file that didn’t print properly. I am using a Mini.

wire_end_cap.stl (81 KB)

Strange one. Loaded up the file and shows the hole in all view modes except layers. Layers shows it printing as a solid disk. I loaded up the STL into Slic3r and it is showing 98 manifold errors. You will probably get better results if you can clean that up in your cad program.

I don’t have much CAD experience, however this flow chart seems to have some great options.

Ha! Guess Sketchup was a mistake. :slight_smile: I am trying out Fusion 360.

What you need to fix this and any STL file with problems is an STL repair software. I use Netfabb it’s free and pretty easy to learn. Go threw the tutorial on how to fix bad STL files and it will do its job to create a verified water tight (without holes) printable model. Will fill holes, stitch polygon edges, reverse flipped normals, etc. ect. It’s even a good idea to run all your files threw the software to verify the STL is a good file and is printable.

You want to get the Netfabb basic version witch is free.

For what it’s worth I second Netfabb, it;s a wonderful utility for repairing things. Also useful for flipping models you exported incorrectly before you publish them.