How to stop Cura from omitting structures

So I had a problem with the attached model file for flexing battery holders on thingyverse (so not my design). No matter what print settings, Cura omits part of the spring mechanism to greater or lesser extent. I have marked the problematic part of the model in this picture:

Here is what comes out after tweaking the settings. Without, it just doesn’t print the problematic parts at all. How do I get Cura to print the damn model correctly?

flexbatterAAAx3.stl (1.4 MB)

I believe the issue you are running into is the number of shells your STL files. When I load it into Slic3r, I see 16:

This is causing Cura to print each shell as its own individual STL file, so they are not connected. Repair your STL file through Meshmixer or you CAD program to create a single shell, that is manifold. I hope this gets you fixed up!

You could also try either of the “fix horrible” settings in Cura if you haven’t already. You have to switch to “full settings” and then choose “open expert settings” from the “expert” menu item. These are supposed to bind separate pieces together.

Thanks guys, I did try all of the fix horrible options to no avail. I’ll just combine it by hand.

You could also try Netfabb basic to repair it.

I have found downloaded STL files that looked perfect were not. Lots of errors in the model file.

I recently downloaded a thingeverse part that had several errors. I would not print properly. I opened the stl in solidworks and after running the print analysis, elimiated the errors. Now the part prints as intended. The original part was done in sketchup.