Stock Lulzbot Taz 6 Single Extruder vs SE Tool Head

I just purchased a factory refurbished Taz 6. I switched my Mini 2 to a SL tool head and have an extra SE tool head just lying around.

Would there be any advantage to using a universal mounting adapter and running the Taz 6 with the SE tool head instead of the stock Taz 6 tool head?

How do the two compare?

I noticed an increase in quality of the prints and had less jamming (I print petg).

I would purchase the Universal Tool Head Adapter because it would add flexibility in switching the tool heads you own between both printers.

Then you can test for yourself which tool head you like better on the TAZ 6.

Just a note that the universal too head adapter adds weight and (for me) introduced a lot of ghosting on the X axis when printing at medium to high speeds due to its size and tendency to flex. I had to mod mine to fix this.