Looking for a 1.75 update to my taz 6

I have a taz 6. Which has been working well lately (after rebuilding it multiple times to get the corners level). Recently my sister has asked my help with a project of hers. And the colour of filament she wants is ivory. Try as I might I cannot find it in stock in the 2.85mm size. Years ago I had anticipated this problem and ordered a toolhead for 1.75mm but I recently found out it is for the taz 5 machine. I had ordered another one as well and it is also for the taz 5. I am beyond frustrated.

Is there any way to make a taz 5 tool head work on the taz 6. If not is there any way to change the hotend from the taz5 tool head onto the taz 6 tool head?

You can print 1.75 filament on a Taz 6 using the regular print head. Just be sure to set the filament size for the print in Cura before you save the file.

I have printed a number of items using 1.75 filament and the 2.85 print head and they turn out well.

Taz 5 and 6 share mounting points, so the only difference between the two would be that a taz 6 head uses the nozzle as a conductive sensor.

Depending on what toolhead you have will determine where you can attach the wire to the hot end for sensing the nozzle’s contact at the corner washers. You’ll probably be able to take one of the pins used for the X-max switch to use in the harness, and just run that wire to a good point on the hot end and that’ll be it.

What toolheads did you buy (pictures help a lot)?

If you bought the H175 or M175 Toolhead it will work with the TAZ 6 using the Universal Tool Head Adapter.