To keep or Sell TAZ 6

I am very new to 3D printing, so excuse me as I ramble for a minute.
The printer I bought about 2 months ago was the Monoprice Mini, it was cheap and easy to use. Then at work they where selling two Lulzbot TAZ 6 printers. One with single extruder one with dual head extruder. Starting using those instead of the Mono and I love it. I am going to get a M175 tool head so I can use more Filament.

Here is my question, should I sell the dual head printer with the single head or keep them.
I am thinking that if the new M175 works well, why do I need the dual head and the single head for 2.85.
Also any idea what I should ask $$$$$?

Honestly a toolhead should last 1 & 1/2 years worth of 10 hour shifts per day from March to September & still might last longer
Most nozzles are only a third of that

The tool heads on a TAZ 6 are easily swapped so you have either two printers with a tool head each or one printer with two tool heads and a spare with no tool head.

Switching will require a firmware update. The dual extruder may have some additional parts, an extra cable, a bigger wiper pad, and an extension that goes over the Z-min switch. The wiper pad can be used with both tool heads but the extension for the switch needs to installed/removed along with the tool head.

My guess is the single extruder is the stock tool head that originally came with the printer. The dual extruder could be a V2 or a V3. Looking from the front of the printer, the V2 has the nozzles aligned front and back and the V3 has the nozzles side by side. If you could provide pictures we can tell for sure.

If you bought the complete stock of TAZ 6 parts from work, you should probably have a second single extruder.

If the dual extruder is a V3, I would keep all the tool heads and sell the second printer without a tool head. If the dual extruder is a V2, I’d sell the second printer with that tool head (i.e. it isn’t a very good one). If you have the space, keep the second printer as a spare.

Keep in mind that taz 6 machines fail to sell on eBay for $500. If you can get it for half that, you can probably sell.

There are good alternatives to a M175v2 for 1/3rd of the price. I’ve had very good experiences with the Biqu H2 series, and $100 can get you one and all the new fans and other miscellaneous parts to build a new toolhead.

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Thanks for that info, I like the M175 a lot but it is an expensive upgrade.

Where have you seen that H2 toolhead?

I’ve seen it on my machine almost daily. :wink:
I used this mount for it: Printables
As stated on the page for it, you remove the original toolhead wiring harness, or buy the harness/pins ( 1x 16 pin Connector Housing - Digikey PN: WM2525-ND
20x Male Crimp Connectors - Digikey PN: WM2517-ND)

But for sale, they are on Amazon, but usually you get the best price directly from

The basic H2 looks like it may be discontinued, but the V2S is a good upgrade and selling for what the basic H2 was. BIQU H2 V2S Extruder For B1 BX Ender 3/ 3 V2/5/6 CR6/10 – Biqu Equipment

Or you can get the e3d Revo version of it, it should bolt up to the same adapter.

With the RAMBO board, you will need to swap the 24v heatbreak fan for a 5v 3010 axial fan. $11 for a pair -
The linked adapter requires a 24v 5015 blower fan. $11 for four of them -

There’s some miscellaneous hex screws and heat inserts to assemble (listed on the printables page), but most of us have those on hand.

Man, that doesn’t stop them from trying to sell them for 700+.

This one’s my current favorite. New in box Taz Pro… $9,500!: Lulzbot TAZ PRO 3D Printer 100/240V AC, 0.05 to 0.4 mm Layer Thick, 11.81 in/sec | eBay

Or, maybe I just buy one new from the factory for about half that, with a warranty?: LulzBot TAZ Pro | LulzBot

I checked, and it looks like most of the recent Taz 6 machines have been selling at 600-700, so maybe the $600 CoreXY machines have lost their halo now that the stink of proprietary components has lingered on them?

Grainger was selling new Mini2s for like 2500, and even after I brought this to their attention, their response was this:

We appreciate you reaching out. Our listed prices are the best prices we can offer. If you would like to place an order, please do so via eBay.
Thank you for your interest,

“I know what I got. No lowballers.”

I see that with Ultimaker machines too. Companies are liquidated or retire old equipment when new stuff is purchased (think no longer able to write off). 3rd party company sees what they sold for new and tries to sell for those MSRPs.

I see the same in Facebook Marketplace. People think their Ender 3 is hugely valuable now that they added Capricorn tubing and a flex plate. Many want more than what the newest version sells for. :grin: