Strange Y-Axis Endstop/Movement Behavior

First off, here’s a sub-par video of what my print bed is doing.

The description of the video describes my issue, here it is:
An M119 endstop engagement check in Cura shows that the endstops on my bed are properly triggering when they are pushed in. However, when my bed attempts to move forward the endstop will not cause the bed to stop. The bed will also not move all the way backward. It will get somewhat close to all the way back and then refuse to move any further, before the endstop is triggered. If I click Home Y, the bed will start moving forward (it’s supposed to move backward if I recall correctly) and as expected, reaches its limit and then just starts grinding and trying to move when it can’t.

I’ve checked the connections on my Rambo (which I just replaced) and all of the connectors look to be in their proper places. Switching around any just made more problems. This has been an issue since I got my printer back from Aleph after an RMA for a non-heating bed that still doesn’t work. What do?