Struggling with printing profile

Im using a SideKick 747 with HE .5 tool head printing with ColorFabb brozeFill. I have used dozens of kegs of this material with the Lulzbot Mini1 and Mini2 over the years using the printing profile for this material. Always worked like a charm.

Now with the new SideKick 747 I cant find this material profile so I had to recreate it from scratch just eye balling the settings. 1st layer is great but the second and beyond layers that are a total nightmare. Material separation and not allot of adhesion.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

1st layer goes much slower, so that’s the first thing I’d check.

Third layer is when most profiles start kicking in the fan, so that would be the next adjustment to start with.

My thoughts also but I’m kinda at a dead end where to start looking to fix the issue.

Since the Sidekick and the Mini 2 both use the same E3D extruder, I’d look at your print speeds and layer thicknesses, essentially how fast the bronzefill is going through the extruder. The faster it goes, either through higher speeds or thicker layers, the less time is has to pick up heat from the heat block. Bronzefill, like their copperfill and brassfill, has so much metal powder in them it takes a lot more heat to get the material to a given temperature than plain PLA. If you’re having layer adhesion issues I’d also look to lowering your fan speed (as Wrathernaut suggested above) so it isn’t cooling before it gets a chance to adhere to the layer below.