Support Taz 6 Y axis

I’m not sure if anyone here can help, but I have an issue with my Taz 6 not moving (grinding noise) on just my y axis.
I have a support ticket but have not heard from them in just over a week now and it’s getting a little frustrating.
Here’s what I’ve done thus far.
Downloaded Cura and updated the Firmware via cura No effect
Swapped the x and y steppers No effect
I replaced the the belt and tightened it No effect
Replaced the 10mm bearings and cleaned the rods no effect
The X and Z axis move just fine.
Noticed that in the LCD that the only thing found in movement is the extruder.
I can no longer manually move the x/z/y axis via the LCD, I have to connect to a laptop to move it.
I can no longer even home it as it tries to move the Y and the bed locks up with a homing failed error
All of which is in the current support ticket, that I cannot get a response back from.
So while I wait, any suggestions?

Im in a similar boat, my Y axis has a stutter and audible click from bed stepping or something. no rosponses on me thread either yet

I ended up calling them and referencing my ticket number.
They said due to the pandemic they are getting bombarded with emails. However, I briefly went over what I did and Eric, whom was helpful, suggested I swap out my x and y axis cables on the board to see if the issue followed it to the x axis. Which it did. So now I am waiting to see about replacing my board out as I think that is the solution at least for me. Good luck. You might want to reach out to them by phone if you can.