Y axis jumping / ticking Taz 6


Has anyone else had a problem with their Y axis jumping on their Taz 6? It is not uniform, but jumps a few mm each time when it happens (in the +ve direction only). There is also a very audible ticking or a click from the Y axis stepper.

I’ve checked the usual things:

  • Updated the firmware on the printer to the latest version.

  • Cleaned and lubricated the slides and lead screws with food grade silicon.

  • Adjusted the Y-axis belt tension.

  • Changed the Y-axis stepper motor with a new replacement, no change (and the grub screws are tight and in the correct position)

Been waiting for close to 2 months now for Lulzbot to answer my (several) e-mails so hoping someone else can point me in the right direction.


Check that the bearing holders on the tray are tight. With the vibration and temp changes they could come loose.

Thanks, just checked and some were finger tight, so I’ve tightened them all and run a quick test print, sadly still the same.

I know this is a little bit old but that clicking noise in the stepper motor usually means power issue.
Does the clicking happen all the time or just when you are printing?

If its print time only check to make sure the cooling fan is running and connection isn’t coming loose when printing.

If it’s all the time… you might have a bad pot that can’t regulate the power to the stepper properly.

Also where did the firmware come from? Firmware controls how much current to give so I would double check the number if you compiled them your self.


I’m all sorted, thanks for the reply, happy to close the issue.