Swapping Taz Workhorse Bed Heater w/Taz Pro Bed Heater

I have both a Taz Workhorse and Taz Pro. The Workhorse is indicating a thermal runaway error when I attempt to print. The error occurs at the beginning of the run, before the printer gets a chance to begin its nozzle cleaning. From my understanding, this means the bed heater has failed and needs to be replaced. Since I have the Taz Pro, which gives me all sorts of issues printing, can its bed heater be swapped into the Workhorse?

The nozzle heats before cleaning as well.

It’s pretty easy to determine what it is by watching the display. If you 0° on the bottom bed indicator, it’s a disconnected or failed thermistor. If you have ambient temperature on the bottom and 0° on top, then the top number (desired temperature) changes, but the bottom number never rises, it’s a disconnected or failed heater. There have also been a few reports of burned out contacts for the bed on the RAMBO board used in the Taz 6 and Workhorse.

See here:

Same for the hot end indicator on the display. The bottom number should never be 0°, unless your printer operates in a freezer. If it is 0°, failed or disconnected thermistor. If the bottom number doesn’t rise when it’s trying to heat up within a few seconds, it’s a disconnected or failed heater.

The beds of the workhorse, taz 6, and pro are interchangeable, but depending which bed you have (modular or standard) the probe offset will be slightly different.

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