Tapped Holes?

I am looking to make a project box and would like to replicate the tapped holes for screws that will keep the lid and base together. I attempted to make threads once within the model in Inventor but it printed horribly. Has anyone had experience just printing a hole and tapping it themselves? Do the threads hold a screw well?

the threads hold ok. You can also use a screw kind of like a heat set insert to mold threads with a soldering iron if you are careful. If you are going to go that route though it would just be easier to design to incorporate the heat set insert itself.

+1 to using heat-set inserts. They’re great. I try to incorporate them into all my projects that need assembly.

I think they actually make the part stronger where they go in due to the increased layer adhesion. They are wonderful things!

Wow just watched some videos on the inserts with a soldering iron and it looks like it works great. Thanks for the suggestion!

Here is a less expensive source for the inserts.