Taulman Alloy 910 jamming in extruder

I’ve been using an old roll of Taulman 910 filament with no issues. Printing with nozzle at 253 degrees and the bed at 45 degrees (Taz 5 single extruder). However, I just purchased a new roll and have had nothing but problems printing at the same settings. For some reason the filament constantly jams in the extruder, and I can’t seem to solve the problem. Slower, faster speeds-same issue. Higher temps-same issue…sort of. I did get it to actually fully print at 280 degrees, but the part was terrible and very yellow. My new roll is from a new supplier (Braskem), so I wonder if the material properties have changed. Any ideas for solving this problem?

I’ve never encountered this with 910. And I’ve never seen any kind of polyamide have any heat creep problems like with PLA. The only thing that comes to mind might be that is has absorbed too much atmospheric moisture and needs to be dried out?

The other thing to check might be debris in the nozzle. If this is suspected (or just to eliminate this as the cause), run some ABS through the nozzle, then unload the ABS, then remove the nozzle and immerse it in acetone for several days. Take it out and use whatever’s handy (toothpick, etc.) and scoop out all the ABS, which will be soft like jelly. If you wipe off the ABS on a paper towel you will be able to see if there’s any debris in there. Also, floss the nozzle opening with a .017 guitar string.

Removal and replacement of the nozzle needs to be done at operating temperature, or just above. Tightening torque spec. is 30 inch pounds.

@American_3D_Printing Thanks for your advice. I’ve switched over to printing ABS, and having no problems. I’m questioning whether the 910 I ordered is actually 910. I was able to print with the last of my older 910 with no problems. I understand that the alloy 910 product is owned by a new company, and I’m wondering if the resin chemistry was possibly altered. Regardless, after my ABS printing, I’m going to replace my extruded tip with a new one.

OMG! I see that Taulman’s been acquired by a Brazilian company called Braskem. I was one of the very first Taulman 3D resellers back in 2014, and have had a close relationship with its founder, Tom Martzall and had many phone conversations with him over the years. I wonder if this new outfit is following his formulations and processes. Tom always worked closely with his chemical companies and extruders to make Taulman’s unique filaments. I am disappointed that they haven’t communicated this directly with their resellers!

Well, if you or anyone needs pre-acquisition 910 or any other Taulman filament, I have stock in both 1.75 and 2.85.

Yeah. I got the Braskem stuff. Didn’t mean to. I thought I was reordering the same 910 from Amazon, but they substituted with the Braskem material. I’m interested in purchasing a roll of your pre-acquisition 910 ( 2.85mm) to compare. Let me know how to contact you.