Taz 6 Toolhead Filament Tensioner - Loosening Issue

Hello everyone,

So I have had my Taz 6 for probably 3 years give or take, and am still running the stock toolhead (I personally think it’s still the best one out there for LulzBots). However, I have recently been running into an issue, especially within say the last year or so, where the filament tensioner on the toolhead has been coming loose causing prints of course to fail (it’s always when I don’t catch it).

Now in earlier times, I thought it was me slacking on checking it, and have been trying my best to keep on top of it before each print. However, just now I had it where both bolts came loose, despite being nothing near this when I started a short print. Maybe I slipped and they did need tightening, but regardless, this issue seems to becoming more of an issue.

I swear some years back I saw someone talking about this on the forums, and ways to improve it. But I don’t remember well. So I could use some advice. Any tricks or modifications I can do to help stop this problem. I hate when this happens because not only is it a waste of time of a lost print, but also, I have to now do multiple cold pulls to clean out the head

You might try using some Loctite 242 on the threads which engage with the nut. “It protects threads from rust and corrosion and prevents loosening from shock and vibration.” This sounds like it is designed to address this problem you’re having. You should only need a very small amount.

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I will def check that out. I assume remove the screws before applying? (I don’t want that stuff getting into the hot end)


Did that work for you? I am having the same problem.

Oh shoot I forgot to reply about this. So I was going to add the loctite like suggested … but have since not needed to.

I have had actually 0 issues with it and putting many hours on it. The only difference is, I tightened down the screws tighter then I used to, and they just seem to hold, giving no signs of loosening (I actually have to loosen them a little, to release the tensioner). They aren’t too tight to the point of causing a problem though

Thanks so much. We’ll give it a try.