TAZ 2.0 24V heater bed question

So my faithful TAZ 2.0 required a new heat bed and I purchased the 24V one available on the lulzbot website. I did the research on upgrading the system to 24V but of course had just purchased the 12V fan addon (yes I am a cheap SOB that doesn’t want to buy a new fan right away). So as a project I decided to purchase a 12V relay that would handle the 24V power supply to fee the bed as the controller requested. In theory it is a simple idea and one that should work. Today while performing a simple test of putting the relay in place with no load attached I found that the TAZ pulses the heater board to warm it up. My question is if that is normal or appropriate for it to pulse rather than turn it on till it would be warm? I did put a load to it then and it still pulsed. I can see the light on the RAMBO flashing as well with either board in the loop. Thanks in advance!