OHAI-KIT TAZ Upgrade from 12V to 24V bed


I see that there is a TAZ upgrade procedure for changing the 12V bed to a 24V bed: http://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/project/d44973b1-24a8-4d5f-a073-57e97c791c16/

Does Lulzbot plan on offering the kit for sale soon?

Thanks, Ross

Edit: Current instructions location: http://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/workflow/taz_12v_to_24v/

We are working on something, provided we can build up enough extra to meet demand for the additional upgrades. We’ll be using OHAI-KIT more and more.

I’m looking forward to the upgrade availability, as are others I suspect!

Thanks, Ross

If we want to tackle this upgrade before the upgrade kits are available, where would you recommend that I purchase a 24V bed and power supply?
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We currently have the 24V power supply in stock in all three warehouses. At this time though, we don’t have the 24v bed in the store. We hope to do so soon.

I have no idea how specs match up but here is a link if you are wanting to roll your own solution.

Edit for 24 volt…

We do have a limited amount of 24v beds available, for those wishing to get an early start. Send an email to Support@LulzBot.com with your contact/shipping information and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Performancewise, what does the 24 volt bed give you that makes it worth the effort to install? IS it just more even heating over the entire surface? or does it heat up much quicker than a comparable 12 volt bed of identical size? If quicker, how much quicker are we talking?

We’ve been seeing the bed and hot end heat up twice as fast, with more even heating as well.

Huh. that much faster would be worth the pain of converting over. I’ve seen 24 volt to 12 volt dedicated step down boards for attaching fans and LED’s out there and whatnot. I’m pretty sure i’d have to modify my RAMPS 1.4 board to run 24 volts though for my printer.

How long does your bed take to heat up?

I just put my little A0-101 blanket on the bed (a wash cloth) and I would say it heats up in 5 to 10 minutes. (Haven’t timed it but it doesn’t take to long.)

Mine is definitely closer to the 10 minute mark, possibly as much as 15. It’s indoors in a conditioned room. It’s certainly possible I have an issue with a thermristor or the cabling. It’s on my list to look at, but it works for now so I have been avoiding doing anything scary to it. Looking at adding an aluminum build plate and possibly a different heated bed in the near future, but a few other projects in the que before that.

My 12 volt Taz 2 bed takes 6 - 7 minutes to reach 85C from a room temp of 70 F. The hot end is quicker than that.

The original bed on my unit failed and was taking up to 30 minutes to reach temp. It was replaced under warranty. I have no complaints about the new one.

I’ve got an old AO-100 with an older 12v Mk1 bed (electronicswise anyways). I’m guessing the newer beds are going to be faster regardless. I was actually thinking of swapping my existing board out for one of these: http://www.panucatt.com/product_p/hbp200.htm or possibly a longer 24 volt one that would fit that style frame. I don’t really need a longer one for most of what I print though, and I kind of don’t want the additional mass on the Y axis. Switching to an aluminum build plate would definitely decrease some mass as well.

The OHAI-Kit link has changed to a friendlier URL: http://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/workflow/taz_12v_to_24v/

When are the pictures going in? I’ve just ordered the 24V bed and power supply, so I should be performing the upgrade in another week or so :smiley: :smiley:

We should have the photos updated soon!

Ya, we’re getting a lot more lights & gear for the photo setup and have someone who can focus on just that, so we’ll be pushing a lot more photos & video here real-soon-now.

just finished upgrading from 12V to 24V on a TAZ 1.0

the bed and hot end heat up much faster now. they actually both come up to temp at the same time where as before I had to get the bed up to like 70, then turn the hot end on so they’d be at temp at the same time. nice job :slight_smile:

i’m still troubleshooting some other issues. for example the 40mm fan that my unit shipped with does not connect to the FAN-2 connector, so i’ll need a different fan or a different connector. i was advised that when upgrading you have to change the electronic’s fan connector.

also my printer / printerface has crashed 2/4 prints (not including bed level gcode). I am hosting the prints off my PC with a USB connection, considering adding a LCD / SD reader. In the past frozen printer / crashed prints have only occurred alongside or coincidentally with a frozen / crashed PC. so this is new.

also be warned that (at least my) new glass is shipped without PET tape attached. so if you are like me and HATE putting fresh sheets of PET on your glass take a deep breath and relax :stuck_out_tongue:

You may have to replace the connector, depending on how it’s terminated. Most users so far have been able to use the stock connector. The print crashing is probably unrelated, but due to a sensitive USB chip on some versions of the RAMBo board. A guide on installing PET can be found here: https://www.lulzbot.com/support/installing-pet-your-glass-bed Much like installing window tint, patience is definitely key :smiley: