Taz 5 bed to 135C?

Hello all, new guy here, I’ve been using a makerbot for several months now on occasion at my local library to create a few small things, and I have been trying to convince my boss that we could benefit greatly from having a printer here at work to build prototypes. The catch is, that we would be best served with a unit that could effectively print in polycarbonate (PC) Which, a google search sent me in search of a lulzbot TAZ 6, as several articles I read showed that the TAZ 6 did best out of several printers in working with PC. However, I wanted to get multiple options, so I found a open box, but unused TAZ 5 for significantly less than half price of a new 6, but the main difference for my purposes is that the 6 bed maxes out at 135C, whereas the 5 only reaches 120C, which difference, according to my research, is extremely crucial to successful PC printing.
My question is this, is it possible to hack a 5 to increase max bed temp to 135C? I’m not averse to the concept of building an enclosure and insulating below the bed, and even adding a piggyback power supply to the bed, but in my mind those hardware mods will only allow the bed to heat faster up to 120C, and the software will then cut back the on-board power once the sensor reaches 120C? Am I over thinking things?
Thank you for any help you may be to solve my dilemma.

The limitation isn’t the bed or the control chip, which are identical on the 5 and the 6. The limitation is the Taz 5’s bed cable panel mount interface connector, which isn’t actually even rated to run it at 120c. The bed at full draw can pull 15 amp. The stock taz 5 box connector is rated for around 10 or so. You can replace it with this 20 amp rated connector https://www.ebay.com/p/1pc-Aviation-Plug-4-pin-16mm-Gx16-4-Male-and-Female-Panel-Metal-Connector/1944624514?_trksid=p2047675.m4096.l9055 or run direct wires bypassing the disconnect feature and you should be able to reach full temperature that way. You’ll likely need to also make other bed adjustments. I don’t know if polycarbonate sticks to PEI for example, and even if it does, the PEI adhesive is likely going to become less effective at prolonged 130c runs over time.

I use Polymax PC-Max on my Taz 4/5 with the bed at 80-85 degrees and it sticks perfectly.

Per Polymax recommendations, I print on BuildTak (Flexplate, best add-on for any 3D Printer) with Glue Stick.