Taz 3 bed

Hello everyone,

I’ve just recently bought a used Taz 3 and Im trying to figure out the parts that are currently on it and if it’s worth upgrading the parts to the Taz 5. (Ive been reading a lot of topics on this) However I’ve run across the heated bed with part number NPH PC-BD0027 and I noticed that the current part number for the taz 5 is NPH PC-BD0029. Any difference?

The latest heated bed does seem to heat more evenly than the taz 3 bed did, though mine also may have been damaged at that point because it didn’t heat well in one loop at all. comparing with the infrared camera though there was definitly a difference for the better.

A taz 3 converts to a taz 5 well. You can get most of the parts to do so from http://i-t-w.com/parts . The most difficult part to source is the X end plates, which seem to be in stock at the moment so I would grab those immidiatly if you plan on doing the conversion at any point. The leadscrews and leadscrew nuts are the next hardest to find.

It is definitly worth either upgrading to 5 spec, or sourcing 12mm rods and bearings and going to Taz 6 prototype spec, but that design isn’t finilized yet. There are some advantages to going with the 5 spec, such as the ability to use the openbuilds modifications. To go wtih 6 spec you would need to also replace the front Y axis endplate and the bed plate. You can get most of the way to 6 spec if you omit the mini style leveling without replacing the bed mount plate.

Well one is a Taz bed 298 MM and the other is 168 MM in size for a Mini.

I wonder if the two different production runs of the Taz bed from the 3 to the 5 just share the same serial number then? the one I have on now definitly has a slightly different wire interface point and heat grid pattern on the infrared.

I think the supplier changed how the beds are made, but keep the product numbers the same.