Taz 3 to Taz 5 upgrade

Hey all, I have just acquired a Taz 3. I’d like to upgrade it to the latest and greatest, so is there a guide anywhere to what the upgrades are, and which bits I need? I saw a thread about Taz 4 to 5, but not 3 to 5.

Thanks, Sid

The 4 is the same as the 5. But with the new hotend and PEI bed. So just do the conversion to 4 and add those two parts to make it a 5.

I found this thread that talks about upgrading up to TAZ 4.
It includes some part numbers for Misumi down a bit.

I haven’t gotten a chance to do this, but the sources for the printer parts are all in:http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/. I’d like to comb through the files and get a diff of the ones that have changed, as far as printing out new parts is concerned.

I’m planning on getting a used TAZ 3 in the near future and performing the incremental upgrades as well, so please post back on your progress.

Good Luck!