taz 3 fan/hot end

Looking for help from the community, Lulzbot doesn’t return any of my emails so I need your guys help. I have a stock taz 3 I recently orderd a extruder fan for it, 24 volt. Thinking I was ready to rock and roll with it. I found out that I needed a TE CONNECTIVITY / BUCHANAN for it to connect to the motherboard, didn’t get one with the fan. Im guessing the the things on the end slide into the TE Connectivity correct. Ordered one of those from a supply. So Im guesing im good there. Also does the Budaschnozzle 2.0c w/ 0.5mm nozzle work on a taz 3. Thanks for your help

Budaschnozzle 2.0 with 0.5mm nozzle is fine, just make sure to uncomment appropraite PID values in the firmware configuration.

Regarding the connector, yes, it does sounds like you have the metal pins that fit inside the plastic casing. If that doesn’t work, a wire wrap tool could get the job done in a hurry.

thanks for your help, any step by step instructions on how to do that. And the connector im gussing they just slide in there red for positive and black for negative.

Here’s the instructions for adding a cooling fan to a rambo board. This should work with a Taz 2 and up.

thank you for that. I was really asking for the instructions for the nozzle replacement to 0.5 firmware also any idea when they will be in stock again

I see you can also get just the nozzle what is on the stock taz 3, is it Budaschnozzle 2.0?

A taz 3 has a buddaschnozzle 2.0c hotend on it. To change nozzle sizes all you have to do is adjust the settings in your slicer to the larger nozzle size. Usually that involves changing the nozzle size itself, and then changing the layer height to make use of the larger nozzle. My general utility 0.5mm printing settings are 0.5mm nozzle diameter, 0.4mm starting layer height and 0.3mm layer height for all other layers. There are no firmware changes required unless you upgrade to the hexagon style hotend.

thank you, helps allot

trying to go for speed, whats the break down in speed like the fastest first and so on. Is it larger nozzles faster since they extrude more?

Generally the larger the nozzle the faster it can go. The wider the line the nozzle puts out, the less lines it takes to fill in a given layer, but also the thicker the lines, the fewer layers are required. the tradeoff is that smaller layers can produce extremely fine details easier. You can get very close to the quality of a 0.35mm nozzle with a 0.5mm nozzle. Areas of very fine detail will still look better on the 0.35mm. A hexagon hotend that can print at higher temperatures can also be ran a bit faster than an equivelent budaschnozzle in theory. I haven’t tried that aspect out yet personally though.

ok cool hoping then they get some more 0.5 nozzles in then, speed is awesome and if its close to 0.35 in comparison to quality then its a winner for me.