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I have a few question about my TAZ 4.
A little background on my TAZ 4, it has been upgraded to a TAZ 5, (upgrade to the LulzBot TAZ Single Extruder Tool Head v2 - 0.35 nozzle, also upgraded the bed to PEI surface). I have also just purchased an additional LulzBot TAZ Single Extruder Tool Head v2 - 0.5 nozzle and I have the original Buda tool head that came with the TAZ 4. I would like to keep the 0.35 Tool Head dedicated to printing ABS. The 0.5 I would like to use with different types of filament. I also bought a RepRapDiscount Hexagon AO Hotend 1.75mm Kit with 24v Heater Cartridge which I would like to use to replace the Buda tool head setup.

Question: Is the 0.5 nozzle a good one for using with different filaments like PETG, Semiflex, or Nylon or is there a better nozzle size you would suggest.

Question: Is the .35 nozzle the best to use with ABS or is there a better one you would suggest

Question: I am looking for a post that explains how to replace the Buda tool head setup with the “RepRap Discount Hexagon AO Hotend 1.75mm Kit with 24v Heater, Cartridge”. I would like to use this setup for printing 1.75 filaments. It came with 0.4 nozzle.
What new parts do I need to print and what parts can I use from the Buda tool head setup.
What type of hot end cooling fan do you recommend, I have seen everything from a 40mm, to 80mm, to using the squirrel fan and putting a piece of tape around one side of the cooling fins on the hot end.
What is the volts needed for the hotend cooling fan.
Do I need to replace to feeder tube for the filament with a smaller size (to handle the 1.75 filament) and does anyone know where too buy smaller tubing.

I purchase an additional bed glass and heater and put the following on it, PEI (Polyetherimide) Sheet, Opaque Natural, Standard Tolerance, ASTM D5205 PEI0113, 0.03" Thickness, 12" Width, 12" Length. It is working great. I have the original bed glass and heater bed that has PET on it.
Question: Should I upgrade from the PET on the heater bed to PEI. If I do upgrade should I remove the PET or should I put the PEI over the top of the PET. The PET is in really good shape. If I decide to use other types of filament such as PETG, Semiflex, or Nylon should I stay with PET on one bed and PEI on the other or would it be better to just stick with PEI for everything.

Question: Any comments on the best filament to work with if I am looking to make quadcopter frames and parts for my TAZ.

Thanks in advance for all your help, it is really appreciated

Question: What makes a good nozzle size for you? :smiley: High speed, fine details? You have to choose :wink: Your nozzle sizes should be good for all the filament types you mentioned. I choose my nozzle sizes this way:
.) What’s the highest layer height you want to print? I think in mm as a unit, and I’m an engineer. So I want to have something that makes an even number when it’s about to reach full mm and fractions of it. For example 0.25mm, next would be 0.5mm. You should not print higher layers than about 80% of the nozzle diameter. That means: 0.25mm layer height needs min. ~0,35mm, 0.5mm needs ~0,65mm.
.) Do you want speed (high nozzle diameter) or fine details? I choose detail and thin walls. For nice layer bonding you should not print perimeters smaller than the nozzle diameter, better 1.2*nozzle diameter. That means, with a 0.35mm nozzle, the min width is 0.42mm, for 0.65mm it’s 0.78mm. I want at least 0.5mm or smaller, and I was only able to get a 0.4mm nozzle so I took this one.
Now do the calculation for yourself :wink:

Regarding PET or PEI: I have a printer with PET at work and my TAZ5 with PEI at home. PEI is my clear choice, parts are not sticking well enough to PET. But as you want to print flexible also, I would suggest to have both. I read allot about Ninjaflex sticking like hell on PEI, destroing the print bed during removing…

For Filament choice, see the chart here from Taulman 3D.

Here is a step by step guide for installing a reprap discount hexagon hotend AO eidtion toolhead. To use 1.75mm you would want the 1.75mm version of the hotend, and the codename: fangtooth - Guppy 1.75mm filliament cold end extruder parts:

The cooling fan is 5 volts for the always on required barrel fan, 12v for the filliament cooling optional fan. Replacing the guide tube is a good idea, but It is optional. Mcmaster carr might have it, or Home depot or something.

I recommend using the fan and carriage combination I made here with a 40mm cooling fan:

Or you can use the Taz 6 fan and carriage from in here:

Upgrade the PEI, remove the PET, attach PEI direct to the glass. Or preferably, swap in an aluminum bed plate.

The 2 people I was really hoping to get to answer my questions.
Thank you so much.

The filament cooling fan should be a 24 volt fan since it is getting 24V pulses sent to it. The 12v may work but probably will spin faster that expected.

You’re welcome! Always happy to help!

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