TAZ-4 - Won't Power On

my taz-4 machine lost power suddenly when I was removing the nozzle for cleaning. I had left the heatend on at 100C to soften the PLA so I could unscrew the nozzle. I noticed that during the removal of the nozzle, the machine lost power. After cleaning the nozzle and screwing it back in, I noticed that the machine no longer powers on.

I am getting power to the converter box (green light on) but I have not checked if the machine is receiving power. Could I have blown out some wiring and fried the board? The machine is only a week old!

You may have blown a fuse on the RAMBo board. There are three fuses, the large blue automotive type fuse, and the two rectangular polyfuses. They can be found here: http://reprap.org/wiki/Rambo_v1.2#Fuses Use a multimeter if you have one sent to measure continuity or resistance to examine the two fuses. If you don’t have access to a multimeter, contact support at Support@LulzBot.com for more assistance with your order number, 3d printer serial number and contact information. You’ll be printing soon!


It might be a power supply issue. Can you check if the power supply is outputting 24V with a multimeter? It it is the power supply, it would be an easy fix compared to opening up the electronics enclosure.