Taz 3 with hexagon hot end - Z axis endstop problem

I have a Taz 3 that I have replaced the Budaschnozzle with a Hexagon hot end. Everything seems to be working well after flashing with the appropriate firmware and I’ve done two successful prints so far.

One issue, however, is that the z-axis end stop adjustment has to be unscrewed nearly all the way up to allow the hot end to be adjusted. It seems the hexagon hot end is shorter than the Budaschnozzle?

I’m looking for some ideas on how to fix this… reprint the left side Z-axis parts with a modified z-axis screw adjuster, though this seems like a huge pain.

I’d be interested in hearing how others have dealt with this problem, or perhaps I just just leave it alone.

Replacing the screw and spring with a longer version would probably be the easiest, and avoid disassembly/reassembly issues.

You could design and print a new taller part that will fit over the existing screw. I did that on my Taz 2.1 when I updated the Z drive and hotend.