Taz 4 Upgrade

Hi all,

I apologize for asking what is probably a basic question. What are the steps and parts for upgrading to Taz 4?

In particular I am looking for info along the lines of, “too many things have changed, you can’t upgrade earlier models to it” - or, here are the things that have changed (or are the same). And by this I mean, here are links to the Aleph parts store for things you don’t have, here are links to the particular printed parts that have changed.

I have been searching this forum (although “upgrade” can’t be used as a search, so this is tough), using various terms in Google, and examining the Aleph website and source files, but haven’t found the info yet. I happen to have a Taz 1, though any specific info on upgrades to v4 would be useful. What I have found so far about changes between Taz versions seems to be:

…is this right so far?

Taz 4 changes are:

  1. new Leadscrew based Z axis (new printed lower Z asembly, new printed or laser cut upper Z leadscrew bearing assembly, replacement Z nut holder). You would also need to source the rod and the upper bearing. I’m asusming the couplers also changed in there but I haven’t seen that area yet.
  2. Electronics enclosure is cosmetically different to imprve functionality and assembly. the new one looks better, is easier to add and remove cables, etc. but operates the same as a Taz 3.1 enclosure.
  3. There are minor changes to the Y azis idler end smooth rod mounts, but they mainly deal with making it easier to print and use less pieces.
  4. The power supply for the TAZ 4 is a new fully encapsulated design. Still 24v, still operates about the exact same way, just comes factory sealed to reduce the risk of electric shock.

The Z axis changes are the most signficant changes overall that someone looking to upgrade would be interested in.

Thank you for your reply!

This leads to a few more questions, but the most important one is, are the new non-printable Taz 4 parts available for sale from Aleph, or elsewhere?

Even if we speak only about the Z-axis, is there any list of the new printable parts? And am I right to infer that there is a subset of parts that can be changed out on an older model?

All the printed parts should be available here: http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/4.0/production_parts/printed_parts/

Specifically you will need the Z nut mount, probably the Z motor mount. The Z top plates you may have to convert over from the freecad files to an STL to print them, and then the printed variant might need to be somewhat thicker for strength.

Thank you again. OK, so for non-printed parts I’ve got some mysteries still:

Meanwhile, Aleph also sells https://www.lulzbot.com/products/acme-z-axis-coupling - this is not relevant to Taz 4, right?

Printed parts:

I presume when you say “Z top plates” you mean “Z top drive”? Or are you referring to something else?

To perform the upgrade you will need to purchase these items:

Two Leadscrews - Misumi Part # MTSBRK12-420-F7-R8-T9-Q8-S20-E5-FE0-FW7-FY1

Two Lead Screw Nuts - Misumi Part # MTSRR12

Two Couplers - Misumi Part # GSASL16-5-5

Four 608zz Bearings - Two are for the upper bearings, Two for lower bearings.

When I bought my upgrade parts I purchased an extra set of everything listed. I’d be willing to sell it to you for a good deal if your interested?

If he’s not, I might be. PM me how much if he is not interested.

I am not finding the GSASL16-5-5 on the Misumi website. Has anyone else had any luck?

I believe they discontinued the GSASL16-5-5. I found that part # CPL16-5-5 are just as good. I’ve been using them for almost two months now with no problems.

Ok. I found that one. Thanks.

It looks like the end diameters of the specified leadscrew are 8mm while the motor shafts and couplers are 5mm. The bearings also have an 8mm bore. How does this work out. Is the lower end of the lead screw double stepped down to 5mm?

Edit: Of course, I figure out how they notate the double step after I post this. I see now that it steps from 8 to 5mm on the motor end.

Techsavvy34, did you notice any improvement in print quality after upgrading to the new z axis drive?

I have the Taz 2.1 with rambo 1.1b board. I have change the power supply to 24V and the heated bed to 24 and upgraded the firmware to Taz3 works great.

Now I have upgraded the Z screws, nuts and motor mounts to a Taz 4, do I need to upgrade the firmware to
http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/4.0/software/2014Q2/firmware/ or is it even possible with the rambo board ver 1.1b

Do I need to adjust the Z steps/mm with the new TAZ 4 screws ?


There are a couple of changes to the Taz 4 firmware. It’s not just the Z steps. i don’t know what the other values are though. I tried just changing the z steps in my Taz 3, but I ended up with wierd layers until I flashed the 4 firmware to it. Miner had a 1.3 board in it though. The 1.1 board probably has the same pinout, but probably lacks some of the additional pins of the 1.3. i don’t know that for sure though. You mihgt try uploading the Taz 4 firmware to it, see if it works, and if it doesn’t write a copy of the older firmware back to the board. Make sure you record your extruder e-steps first though as you will need to change that for any firmware you use.

Thanks, I will try the taz 4 firmware.