Taz 4/5 bed level stability mods?

I have a Taz 4 that has been upgraded to Taz 5. I have printed reasonably successfully for many years and have done some upgrades, but now it has become more of a bear to get leveled properly. There was one missing alignment bolt for the bed clips, now resolved, but issues remain.
My basic question is:
Is there an available mod / upgrade that will improve the stability of the bed level. I think part of the problem is that the bed isn’t locked down to the spring bed support corners (I always imagined this as a spring preload rather than as it is sitting on top with a couple of retaining clips (really these just sit on top too and provide no tension or beneficial effect that I can see).
Would the modular bed upgrade improve this.
And/or is there an improved corner support design that could be added.
I didn’t find anything about this after a quick search.

I used this modification for years to add a bit of better leveling for my TAZ 5.

This mod does require some slightly precision drilling of your aluminum plate though.

I slightly modified the design to be a little more stable.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.