bed plate mount uneven

I’ve been using my taz4 for several months now and everything works great…except for one very, very annoying problem with the aluminum bed plate. When I first got the printer I leveled the x bars, then leveled the heat bed clips. Right away I noticed that I had the front left, and rear right clips were very loose, and the front left, and rear right clips were very tight when I finally got the bed perfectly level. The fact that it was like this didn’t bother me as long as I could get it level.
Fast forward to now, it has gotten worse and worse over the months to the point where I had to level bed constantly because two diagonal clips are as tight as they will go (springs), and other two barely touching springs, loose.
So finally after trying to use longer screws and extra springs to raise the 2 diagonal clips higher and also several other configurations of 2 screws, and 2 springs per clip, I finally removed the aluminum plate from the printer.
The bed plate IS bowed on 2 corners as I suspected. I can put a square flat on it, and there is a 1/16" difference from middle to 2 corners diagonally, other way its flat.
I am contemplating trying to bend it back straight, or take the plate and flip it drilling a hole so it fits back on.
Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
Thank you

I also noticed that my plate was not level when I tried to level the X Axis, in that it I got different heights on both sides when the bed was at max Y or min Y. Although I don’t think mine was more than 2mm off. I posted this but I don’t remember the link or date. I haven’t even tried to straightening as I can adjust mine out using the glass bed leveling.

I wish the glass bed leveling was easier (tool less, less binding on the static bolt) and I noticed a thingiverse posting for a modification to make it a single post with a adjustment wheel that looks interesting.

Do you have a link to the thingiverse mod?

Hear that I think they should sell the unit with different clips also! It would be so easy to put a turn bob on the bottoms of the clips, why leave it like that. And also I noticed they have upgraded the tax mini with auto- leveling… where is the upgrade for new taz 5? Why can’t I get the upgrade for taz4? Just saying something that simple as the thingiverse upgrade, should be standard now, or something similar, it just seems a no brainer to me.

I collected it, but I just looked and it is not in my collection and I searched and couldn’t find it. I think it got pulled.

It was basically drill a larger hole in the aluminum bed to accommodate a larger bolt and spring. Modify the stock bed corner clip mount to take a nut centered in the corner, bolt goes through bottom of aluminum, through spring and washers into clip holder nut. A printed knob attaches to bolt head under aluminum bed sticking out enough to turn. The bed clip I believe was stock but was offset into the corner holder so the adjustment bolt was centered.

Thanks. I wasn’t to find it either.

This is what I first noticed that lead me to find that the X carriage was higher on the right side than the left, so it wasn’t parallel to the bed, or the top frame member. It made leveling a nightmare because I had to match the angle of X axis, and there wasn’t enough adjustment in the bed to compensate for it. Before I print now, I always have to manually lower the right side until it is parallel to get good prints.

I’d be happy if I could do that. I can’t manually turn the todd cuz it’s crooked on diagonal corners.

Is this the Corner mod you were talking about?

You found it! yes, this is it.

Have you used this mod? I am printing parts for it now.