Taz 5 bed upgrade

I finally gave in and stopped looking to update my Dinosaur Taz 2.1 and bought a Taz 5. The only thing I rant want to change on this thing is to get the probing bed Leveling like the Taz 6 has. I looked and couldn’t find that upgrade anywhere. Is that something I could upgrade or no? I know everyone complains about it but I don’t think it could be much worst than these small little corner brackets with a sprint that barely moves.

Anyone? someone? is that upgrade possibke?

If it was my printer, I’d consider upgrading to a BLTouch instead.

I have a bl touch and I had it installed. I just want something new and to upgrade this bed. I hate leveling it because it has so little wiggle room. So I came up on accident with a way where it’s level now and it can’t move. I took out the low profile screws I got with the dual extruder and just inserted a m3x12 I think through the bed supports and through the actual aluminum bed. And that caused it not to be able to move up or down since there is a metal insert in the bed supports. So even if I drop it from the second story window that bed isn’t moving. Lol